Seizing the benefits of agile working, without the negative side effects.

Agile working, hot-desking, activity-based working… It’s no longer the future of workstations; for more and more people it’s today’s workplace reality. But besides the company culture benefits it brings, this new work environment also presents challenges, and even dangers, in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and productivity.

New ways without the old malaise

Creating the right physical environment for a new way of working requires more than just reconfiguring the desks and chairs and telling people to sit where they can work most efficiently. As most of us know, when working at those desks and chairs you need to ensure your posture is good in order to avoid aches, pains and more serious problems with your back, neck or shoulders.

That good posture is achieved through what one of our preferred partners, Dataflex calls the ergonomic ‘golden triangle’. The triangle’s three pillars are made up of the chair, desk and monitor arm, with each pillar helping determine your posture in relation to the other two.

The bigger picture

Setting up workstations or offices ergonomically is a challenge, and though there are some excellent general guidelines available, like these on posture, how can staff ensure their workstations are set up right if they’re constantly changing desks and working off laptops?

Phase Power

Provides convenient but discreet power and USB charging by being filled to either the underside of seats or the top edge of a desk or table unit.

Sustainable Planet, Sustainable Business

Dataflex is without doubt one of the superior solutions providers within the ergonomic scope of the agile working environment. They pride themselves on the desire in helping users “get the most out of themselves” This is why they want the place where you work to be a place where you feel at home. They call it ‘feeling at work’.

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