The CIMO Only White setup signifies a peaceful workstation with a sleek design. Perfectly suited for a modern, open business setting. Characteristic features are the seamless metal screens and panels which are only 4.5 cm thick. The dividing screen in between the worktops – which are subtly perforated – contributes to the acoustics of the room. This will allow employees to concentrate while working. CIMO also stands for ergonomic working; the setup allows for easy alternation between a seated and standing work posture. Moreover, CIMO meets all (inter)national ergonomic requirements.

A tranquil look is guaranteed; the cords and cables of computers and laptops are neatly tucked away in wide cable ducts.


Height adjustable workstation for two

Sleek, professional look

Ergonomic working due to sit-stand functionality

Slender screens and panels

Circular and flexible


CIMO workstations are absolutely ideal for open office environments. The screens and panels provide privacy, help the users concentrate while working and give the setup a modern, professional look.


Are you looking for the most comprehensive bench system available, feature packed on day 1 & easily upgraded on day 2.

The Evolv system offers an extremely versatile desk solution, in either a single desk or bench style format.
With multiple-depth worktop options and cable access solutions, Evolv offers everything that a high-density, open plan workstation-based office environment requires.

Evolv is built using an engineered telescopic frame, that allows for future changes in desk widths, without the cost of having to change the whole product. Just simply change worktops! Used in conjunction with Alchemy’s Division screens, l pedestals and task seating collections, Evolv provides a beautiful workstation designed with flexibility & churn in mind.


Uhuru’s MINIM Office System enhances the work experience by infusing the workplace with the genuine design and material sensibility that our studio is known for. We believe that a commitment to craft, style, and authenticity is as important in the workplace as it is in our homes.

Select from a variety of surface materials in contract grade laminate or wood, and pair with our steel base styles. Customizable in a number of configurations and for adaptable to support any size team.


How do you design a SIT|STAND workstation with a timeless appeal? Start with carefully considered proportions and the honest materials that define UHURU’s collections. MINIM RISE incorporates proven technology into the sturdy steel base, seamlessly concealed beneath a variety of work surface options. MINIM RISE’s lasting design aesthetic and unique ability to integrate both fixed height and SIT|STAND workstations into one system is what distinguishes it from the rest. No longer will you have to sacrifice the style of your office.

Grain Furniture

Flatpack is the right way to do furniture, as long as you do it well (and we do)
There are many reasons why flatpack furniture is good, when you really look into it.

First up, it’s easy and efficient to move around. This is great getting into your home, no matter how awkward a doorway or staircase is. It’s also better along the whole chain: nicer for delivery drivers, and with less energy and industrial space used. Shipping can’t be avoided when buying physical products, but this will be better for the environment, and big bulky furniture that doesn’t come apart involves a lot of air being moved around the place!

Proper flatpack means not just building it once from flat, but being able to return it to flat and rebuild just as easily. Moving home? It’s great it comes apart. Designing for ease of re-building is essential. If it’s annoying to do, or doesn’t survive reassembly, then people won’t do it, and will be unable to keep it. Our flatpack means you can avoid that.

Another great advantage of flatpack is that component parts can be replaced if damaged, rather than getting a whole new item. A broken table leg in transit doesn’t consign the whole product to the scrapheap, merely requiring a new small part.
So if you look at it closely, flatpack wins all round!

Never for landfill
How would you create a piece of furniture if you wanted it to stay with someone for a really long time? And not discarded too soon? The answer is to make it strong, and easy to build, unbuild, transport and rebuild multiple times, simply, quickly, and without any loss of integrity. Allowing a product to move means it can be useful for a much longer time, which in turn means less resources consumed buying things over and over. So no matter what life throws at you, it can move with you.
We also want people to love how it looks, not matter how far into the future. So we don’t design for trends in forms or materials that we know will pass.

We are working remotely and dealing with enquiries as usual. Please contact us or call Greg Stewart on 07572 238779 for assistance. Our furniture showroom is closed to the public until further notice. If you require office furniture (new or used) with delivery provided directly to your door, please get in touch via the methods above with your requirements.

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