What does a circular project “really” look like

The 8th floor of the 100 Watt building in Amsterdam has been sustainably renovated, creating office space for entrepreneurs who do business in a sustainable way. This iconic circular project is the result of a unique partnership between Copper8, Cocon Vastgoed, architectural firm BETA, carpet tile manufacturer Interface and Gispen.

Visible reuse

Copper8 is a modern consultancy firm that contributes to the realisation of sustainable breakthroughs in existing construction and the manufacturing industry. Copper8 realises iconic projects which show that sustainability really pays off, and collaborating with others is used as a means to accomplish these goals.

Copper8 wanted an office environment that suited its identity: authentically sustainable, but professional as well. The consultancy firm does not own the furnishing, it only pays for using it. Reuse and recovery were key factors in selecting the office furniture.

Zero-waste society

Architectural firm BETA was given the task to strike a balance between a sense of security and exposure in the open area, ensuring that each company has its own space while still being able to work together. Visible reuse of materials was important to Copper8, and consequently a closed-loop material cycle became decisive for the design.

Two other (renovation) projects of Cocon Vastgoed eventually became a source for building materials: materials from the former district council the ‘Baarsjes’ were used for the conference rooms and doors from a nursing home at the Amsteldijk were used for the walls. The result is a design which is layered and clearly present, but it also conveys a message of criticism towards our throwaway society.

The client’s thoughts

We want our office to be a representation of our identity. A fully circular furnishing is part of that, where we not only use ‘seasoned’ pieces of furniture but also furniture that has been designed according to circular principles. Gispen is very knowledgeable when it comes to circularity and the products that are suitable for it. In addition, Gispen tries to actively involve its clients and suppliers in developing a circular economy, very positive. After all, many questions about its implementation still remain unanswered. Acquiring more knowledge and actually putting a circular economy into motion and doing so together is top priority now.

Value retention

The principles of reusability and the circular economy have also been applied to the interior. We wanted to create an office environment where there is synergy between inspiring design and value retention. The result is a combination of Gispen products with a proven long lifespan prove to last and materials that are distinctive in terms of degradability and reuse.

The basic design has a colour scheme of black, white and grey. Combining wood with steel gives the interior a timeless look. The upholstery is Ecolabel Flower certified and some of the tables have been made out of scrap wood.

Flexibility for future applications

The TM SteelTop workstations consist almost of a single material, and are therefore easy to recycle.

The library has been provided with Gispen 101 chairs, which first came to market in the 1930s and have widely proven their quality and reusability over time.

These chairs also guarantee flexibility for future applications. Should Copper8 expand its operations, as expected, ordering extra chairs will be an easy process and altering the chairs to suit a different purpose will also be straightforward.

A new lease of life

The carpeting once again strikes a balance between sustainability and reusability. The offices and hallways have been provided with carpeting from the Net-Effect collection, which is made out of 100% recycled thread that comes from old fishing nets. These fishing nets are collected by locals in the Philippines and Cameroon. The conference rooms, moreover, have been carpeted with material sourced from other projects, given a new lease of life in its most literal sense.

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