Workplaces need to consider flexibility and emotional needs, as well as safety when preparing for staff’s return

As some companies begin to look at how they can bring staff back into the office post-lockdown, there are many concerns that employers are having. The major worry is safety. Employers want to make sure they are bringing staff back to a safe environment, and they want staff to know that their safety is essential and has been taken into account. Confidence in employee safety is a significant component in deciding whether to return to work or not. 

 But safety is not the only issue here. Of course, the workspace has to be COVID-secure right from the word go, but there are other things employers need to take into account when realigning the workspace to meet the demands of today’s new normal. 


 We all need to be more flexible in the wake of Covid-19. Well-laid plans can be cancelled at the drop of a hat now because of a cough or a fever. It’s the same with the workplace. Restrictions are changing all the time. Sometimes easing, then the next week tightening again. Therefore it’s more important than ever that your workplace set up and layout is flexible and can be altered quickly and efficiently to remain in line with the latest government guidelines. Whether that means the installation or removal of perspex sheeting, removal or addition of desks to increase/decrease social distancing or the addition of work booths for isolated work stations. No one knows what’s around the corner at the moment, so we need to allow for all possibilities. 

 Emotional needs

 Your employees are probably feeling a range of emotions when faced with the prospect of returning to the workplace. Anxiety, apprehension, worry, fear – all are inevitable and understandable. Your job as their employer is to do as much as you can to alleviate those feelings. 

 This again comes down to instilling confidence in them that you are doing everything in your power to provide a safe and productive working environment. Altering your workspace without risking peoples’ safety is a delicate balance to manage, but with consideration and the right help, it can be done effectively. 

 How can Realspace help? 

We can help you prepare for your team to return to the workplace. We can source, supply and install all furniture additions you need, including Perspex screening, hand sanitising stations and desk dividers. We are also on hand to reconfigure, readjust and review your set-up when restrictions change, meaning you will always be compliant, safe and provide a welcoming environment for your staff.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you reimagine your workspace.  

We are working remotely and dealing with enquiries as usual. Please contact us or call Greg Stewart on 07572 238779 for assistance. Our furniture showroom is closed to the public until further notice. If you require office furniture (new or used) with delivery provided directly to your door, please get in touch via the methods above with your requirements.

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